Luca Strano

Photographer based in London and Milan. His images are simple,calm and evocative of his interest in the present moment. His practice combines personal work and collaborations with international brands and magazines


Red Valentino
Sage Nation
Lea Boberg
Rizzoli Italia
New Balance
Sony Music Italia
Financial Times
Port Magazine
Them Magazine
Cactus Magazine
L'Officiel Hommes
C41 Magazine
CC Corneliani and others

Group Exhibitions
2022, TKO Fanzine tour, Tokyo, Kanazawa, Osaka
2022, Duende E2 gallery, London
2020, Portrait of Our Time, Gower St. Gallery, London
2019, Now Is Already Gone, UAL
2018, Palm* Photo Prize, London
2018, UAL Olympus Photo Award, London
2015, European Development Days, Bruxelles

Solo Exhibitions
2022, UTN, Issue N.04, Exhibition and launch, London
2017, Now Is Already Gone, Varese

2022, Up to now, Issue N.04
2022, Up to now, Issue N.03
2021, Up to now, Issue N.02
2020, Up to now, Issue N.01
2017, Evidenza, Dintorni del Quotidiano
2017, Now Is Already Gone (postcard box)

2020, Guest talk, LCC, London
2019, Guest talk, LCC, London
2018, Guest lecturer, London Charter School
2018, Guest lecturer, London City Academy

All images 2023 © Luca Strano

Based in London


Based in London and Milan