Self publication, 2018

Evidenza is a self-publication that collects landscape images shot by Luca Strano while moving from Milan to London. Within the book, a written contribution reflects upon the city space and things we take for granted.

From Evidenza / 2018

Civilization and modernity are the results of the mutual influence between concrete and abstract, between conservation and the ability that inspires urban progress toward better comfort and efficiency.

From Evidenza / 2018

Observing the photographs, it emerges the anthropomorphism of the cities and the “urban state of life” which is the opposite of the state of nature and reveals what we are without impressing us, as in a modern Plato’s cave.

From Evidenza / 2018

(...) we are neither impresser nor amazed: we are talking about our present, our acts and space, about ordinariness, like a photograph that aims to portray the absolute evidence of what it’s presented.

Based in London