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From 2017, the artist has been living in London and spending his time in a room of eight square meters. This room is a place for him to work, research, relax, and study. When the sky is clear, the sunlight comes into his window for one hour before sunset. For the artist, that hour span has become a moment of pause and observation.

The series is developed by exposing cyanotype sheets to manipulated and reflected sunlight to create abstract forms. Despite recalling brushstrokes, the artist values the nature of cyanotypes as reflective of the very basic photographic principle, methodology, and intentionality of capturing the light.

The artist’s choice to create abstract pictures is a response to the ferocity with which photography consumes topics of any kind. The moment of pause that happened during the quarantine and isolation offered the artist a chance to slow down and reconnect with something more spiritual and abstract but still very tangible.

This work appears free from performing as a photograph but still capable to reasonate with the artist’s practice and research themes.

In his work, Luca Strano uses documentary, diaristic, and ephemeral images to explore and understand his identity and practice. His images recall feelings of vulnerability, intimacy, and a general sense of empathy towards things and time.

This series is ongoing and unreleased to the public.

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Based in London